Arboeko is one of the biggest Czech companies active in the production, sale and distribution of outdoor ornamental plants.  Arboeko was set up in 1993 and has expanded greatly since that time, mainly due to a very active sales policy.  At present our capacity comprises approximately 100 ha. trees, 45 ha. saplings, 20 ha. solitary conifers and 10 ha. container production.

In addition Arboeko plays an important role in the international trade of plants. Suppliers and customers of Arboeko can be found throughout Europe.

The optimal combination of production and trade means that Arboeko can use its expert knowledge to successfully answer any question about ornamental plants.  Arboeko’s head office is situated in Obristvi near Melnik.  The branch office is located in Smrzice near Prostejov.  Arboeko’s clients include professional companies such as tree nurseries, local councils, parks departments, landscape gardeners, garden centres and building companies.  Arboeko does not deliver directly to private individuals.  Arboeko is known as a leading organization which takes pride in advising its clients in a professional, expert and in-depth manner.  The Arboeko company philosophy focuses on the creation and maintenance of long-term relationships which offer our clients durable added value.  Are you interested in what Arboeko produces?  Then please contact us for an illuminating tour.  Our nurseries will convince you of the quality of our plants and the professionalism of our team.